This Week in Lacrosse - OFF SEASON



We are going through some changes for the 2020 Lacrosse season. The biggest one involves the change of websites used for the team. Classical Academy will be switching our athletics website from to within the next few weeks. The best part of the transition is that caiman has an app called Caiman Sports that will better connect parents, athletes, friends, and families to sports at CAHS. Please download the free app on the android or apple stores and make sure to star each of the sports you are interested in. By clicking the star icon in each sport you will receive notifications of practice times, schedules changes, LIVE SCORE UPDATES, etc. Also, please share this app with friends and family that like to keep up to date with sports at CAHS. The website will be linked to journalism, yearbook, and caiman tv students who will help upload content to better highlight each sport. One more great thing...during each season, coaches will be allowing selected parents and students to become content contributors to the app. They will be able to upload pictures, videos, and even do the live scoring of the games. Our hope is that this website and app makes people feel more connected to each sport and that communication becomes easier for everyone as a result.


We have a preliminary schedule at this time with our in league games. Our league for 2020 will be the Pacific league with Foothills, Del Lago and Army & Navy Academy. We will schedule more teams and have a schedule to put out closer to the start of the 2020 season. 

Hopefully you have all had the opertunity to keep playing in the off season. There are many programs out there to take advantage of if you are able to do so. Game Breaker will be starting June 30th at the University of San Diego ( ), and ULAX San Diego will start in late June also with a registration deadline of June 9th ( ).

  With all students being fully equipped there may be some item you wish to buy for the future. The following places are good places to start:

Play it again sports: Just spoke with Ty Friday and he has some great deals right now at his Mira Mesa Store. (I always look at the clearance items first. Be sure not to but Jr. or youth sticks)

Ebay and Amazon have some good deals if your willing to put in a little time looking for them.

Gear required for High School Lacrosse is; stick, helmet(mouth piece), gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads and cleats. There is other equipment out there like rib pads that are not required, but if you would like to use them you can. If you have any questions before you buy, please let me know.

WWW.PLAYASONE.ORG: Click on "SCHEDULE and RESULTS". This will show you our current game schedule and roster. 


Thank you,

Coach John Lambert

by John Lambert